Mission First Capital

About Us

Our Story is Your Story

Mission First Capital’s heart behind why we started is very simple; we wanted to provide the same type of real estate investment opportunities that were available in the marketplace more easily accessible for our brothers and sisters in uniform.

Our principal began a real estate career while still serving in active-duty military service. What he quickly realized was that it could be difficult for most active-duty military members to invest in real estate. The frequency with which many active-duty members change duty stations can be a big hurdle not experienced by most in the private sector. Trying to manage real estate investments for any type of rental income potential would proves difficult because of deployment schedules or other unique challenges brought on by military life.

With the full qualification from the Federal Securities and Exchange Commission, Mission First Capital was launched with the goal of allowing those interested in finding ways to invest in real estate which is completely managed by Mission First Capital on the investor’s behalf and allows investors to get involved for as little as $5,000 at a time.

Mission First Capital is comprised of a team of veterans and active-duty members who have built true wealth around successful real estate ventures and whose mission is to provide an opportunity for our brothers and sisters to invest in a way that allows them to focus on the obligations that their service requires, while having the peace of mind knowing that they can begin their real estate journey today.
Our story is your story.

Real estate funds often set difficult thresholds to participate in such as being an accredited investor ($200,000+ year income or $1mm in assets) or requiring minimums of as much as a $50,000 initial investment just to get in the door.

Having been there and experienced first-hand the difficult challenges with wanting to build a lucrative real estate investment portfolio while serving active duty, Mission First Capital’s founders fought to build a solution that could work for more people.

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