The label we give ourselves has major implications for our life, whether we realize it or not. You may have the label of the service you are a part of, maybe even being a parent.  Think of the first words that come to mind when you say “I am…” What is that phrase for you? Whatever follows that phrase ends up guiding every decision you make because that is how you see yourself. If someone identifies primarily as a parent, they are going to make decisions based on the impact it may or may not have on their children, even unconsciously. Notice the “I am” statement doesn’t have to end with a job, although many think that is what others want to hear. “I am a nurse” or “I am an Airmen” are common responses. Do you identify with your job on a level other than income? If you do, then that’s wonderful! Keep that as part of your identity. If you don’t maybe it is time to have a conversation about what REALLY needs to come after your “I am” statement.

              Think of the impact on your life if your primary identity was centered around being a saver, an investor, an entrepreneur, an artist, a singer, a musician. How does that change your thinking on a daily basis? Changing that identity really impacts all the small habits that seek to support that identity.  So let’s talk about an identity around being an investor.  Do you consider yourself an investor? Do you have a mental image or opinion on what an investor is? Does that mesh with who you are now? Why or why not?

These might sound silly to ask, but really think about it. If you have ever had the thought that “I’m not a saver” or “No one in my family invests, so I’m not an investor”, then it is time for you to step up to what YOU want to be! Viewing yourself as an investor doesn’t mean you have to wait until you have tons of money to play with. Investing starts with the conscious decision to put your money to work for you. Once you start that stream, even if it starts as a trickle, then you are an investor.  You are choosing to take action to make your tomorrow better or reach a goal you have. That is what an investor does. So welcome to the club! Do you want to be an investor?

The thoughts and actions you choose come from that identity, so get real clear on that identity and what it means to you. There can be multiple identities you associate yourself with, but whatever they are, remember those are the guiding hands in your mind. To be an investor, it means you are saving money that otherwise might go to buying the latest gadget or tech. It means you keep that used car one more year and save the monthly payment you would have made on a new car. It means you look for opportunities to make your cash grow instead of aimlessly scrolling through Amazon for the next trinket to buy. When being an investor really becomes part of your identity, those actions won’t seem like a chore. Those actions will jive with “how you see yourself” and will become something you look forward to because they support the framework you made for yourself.  So we want to ask one more time, Are you an investor?

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