The labels we give ourselves have a significant impact on our lives. What are the first words that come to mind when you complete the phrase “I am…?” Some common responses sound like “I am a nurse,” “I am an Airman,” or “I am a mom.” Most people classify themselves based on belonging to a particular community, family, or profession. But most people also carry a preconceived notion of what it means to be a nurse, airman, or mom. We relate those labels with people we have met with the same label. Even popular culture of the time tells us we are supposed to think of people with particular labels. Even if it started with a joke. Right, Karen? 

Labels have a powerful impact on how we view people or things. But, believe it or not, the labels we give ourselves also profoundly impact our own actions and self-identity. Our daily habits and the identities we choose for ourselves are closely intertwined. Once we have begun identifying a certain way, we act within our own expectations for that identity. 

Want to test it? Tell someone you are a vegetarian. People will often extrapolate that out to believe they know your political leaning, environmental stance, the type of car you might drive… You get put in a box based on their previous experience with a vegetarian or popular culture’s representation of vegetarians.

Are you an investor? Go ahead and say it to yourself a few times… “I am an investor.”

And again. “I am an investor.” 

Now say it out loud… “I AM AN INVESTOR.” 

It works!

You no longer need to doubt if you have what it takes to become an investor. YOU ARE AN INVESTOR! You may be an investor currently in the “pre-investment” stage, but keep identifying as an investor. Your habits will adjust to your new self-image, and your confidence will grow.

As an investor, investing becomes a higher priority in life. You will creatively find the means to reach your investment goals. Instead of trading up for a new model, you keep that used car one more year and save the monthly payment you would have been making. Your habits will align with how you perceive yourself. Rather than aimlessly scrolling through Amazon for a new trinket to buy, you will find yourself perusing investment sites. These new habits will become second nature. You will see a change in how successful you are in pursuing your dreams simply by changing your personal label.

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