We have not conducted any revenue-generating activities and as such have not generated any revenue since inception.

We will not set aside funds in a sinking fund to pay distributions or redeem the Interests, so you must rely on our revenues from operations and other sources of funding for distributions and withdrawal requests. These sources may not be sufficient to meet these obligations.

We will not contribute funds on a regular basis to a separate account, commonly known as a sinking fund, to pay distributions on or redeem the Interests at the end of the applicable non-withdrawal period. Accordingly, you will have to rely on our cash from operations and other sources of liquidity, such as borrowed funds and proceeds from future offerings of securities, for distributions payments and payments upon withdrawal. Our ability to generate revenues from operations in the future is subject to general economic, financial, competitive, legislative, statutory and other factors that are beyond our control. Moreover, we cannot assure you that we will have access to additional sources of liquidity if our cash from operations are insufficient to fund distributions to you. Our need for such additional sources may come at undesirable times, such as during poor market or credit conditions when the costs of funds are high and/or other terms are not as favorable as they would be during good market or credit conditions. The cost of financing will directly impact our results of operations, and financing on less than favorable terms may detrimentally impact our ability to make a profit. Your right to receive distributions on your Interests is junior to the right of our general creditors to receive payments from us. If we do not have sufficient funds to meet our anticipated future operating expenditures and debt repayment obligations as they become due, then you could lose all or part of your investment. We currently do not have any revenues.

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