We may require additional financing, such as bank loans, outside of this offering in order for our operations to be successful.

  • We might obtain lines of credit and other borrowings, which increases our risk of loss due to potential foreclosure.

We may obtain lines of credit and long-term financing that may be secured by our assets. As with any liability, there is a risk that we may be unable to repay our obligations from the cash flow of our assets. Therefore, when borrowing and securing such borrowing with our assets, we risk losing such assets in the event we are unable to repay such obligations or meet such demands.

  • We have broad authority to incur debt and high debt levels could hinder our ability to make distributions and decrease the value of our investors’ investments.

Our target portfolio wide leverage after we have acquired an initial substantial portfolio of diversified investments is between 50% and 85% of the greater of cost (before deducting depreciation or other non-cash reserves) or fair market value of our assets. During the period when we are acquiring our initial portfolio, we may employ greater leverage on individual assets (that will also result in greater leverage of the interim portfolio) in order to quickly build a diversified portfolio of commercial project assets. We do not currently own any properties. High debt levels would cause us to incur higher interest charges and higher debt service payments and may also be accompanied by restrictive covenants. These factors could limit the amount of cash we have available to distribute and could result in a decline in the value of our investors’ investments.

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