We are an emerging growth company with a limited operating history.

We are an emerging growth company organized in 2020 and have not yet commenced operations, which makes an evaluation of us extremely difficult. At this stage of our business operations, even with our good faith efforts, we may never become profitable or generate any significant amount of revenues, thus potential investors have a high probability of losing their investment.

We were organized in 2020 and have not yet started operations. As a result of our start-up operations we have (i) generated no revenues and (ii) will accumulate deficits due to organizational and start-up activities, business plan development, and professional fees since we organized. There is nothing at this time on which to base an assumption that our business operations will prove to be successful or that we will ever be able to operate profitably. Our future operating results will depend on many factors, including our ability to raise adequate working capital, availability of properties for purchase, the level of our competition and our ability to attract and maintain key management and employees.

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