We may not have control over costs arising from rehabilitation or ground up construction of properties.

We may elect to acquire properties which may require rehabilitation or even be from the “ground up”, meaning that we purchase the land and implement a plan to construct a multifamily building or commercial building on the land. In particular, we may acquire affordable properties that we will rehabilitate and convert to market-rate properties. We may also purchase land, entitle the land for a multifamily building or commercial building (if that is not already provided), architect a multifamily building or commercial building and build a brand-new multifamily building or commercial building. Consequently, we would retain a general contractor in these situations to perform the actual physical rehabilitation and/or construction work and will be subject to risks in connection with a contractor’s ability to control rehabilitation and/or construction costs, the timing of completion of rehabilitation and/or construction, and a contractor’s ability to build in conformity with plans and specification. One general contractor that we may use is a related party to our Manager. We acknowledge that use of this general contractor would result in a conflict of interest and, in the situations where we use this general contractor we intend to do so on terms that we believe are at least as favorable to the Company as those we could get from an independent general contractor.
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