We may depend on tenants for some of our revenue and therefore our revenue may depend on the success and economic viability of our tenants.

We will be highly dependent on income from tenants. Our financial results will depend in part on leasing space in the properties or the full properties we acquire to tenants on economically favorable terms.

In the event of a tenant default prior to stabilization, we may experience delays in enforcing our rights as landlord and may incur substantial costs in protecting our investment and re-letting our property. A default, of a substantial tenant or number of tenants at any one time, on lease payments to us would cause us to lose the revenue associated with such lease(s) and cause us to have to find an alternative source of revenue to meet mortgage payments and prevent a foreclosure if the property is subject to a mortgage. Therefore, lease payment defaults by tenant(s) could cause us to lose our investment or reduce the amount of distributions to Members.

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