There are conflicts of interest between us, our Manager and its affiliates.

We expect that various third-parties related to the Manager, will provide development, property management, consulting, construction administration and other services to our Manager and the Company. Prevailing market rates are determined by our Manager based on industry standards and expectations of what our Manager would be able to negotiate with a third-party on an arm’s length basis. All of the agreements and arrangements between such parties, including those relating to compensation, are not the result of arm’s length negotiations. Some, but not all, of the conflicts inherent in our Company’s transactions with the Manager and its affiliates, and the limitations on such parties adopted to address these conflicts, are described below. Our Company, Manager and their affiliates will try to balance our interests with their own. However, to the extent that such parties take actions that are more favorable to other entities than the Company, these actions could have negative impact on our financial performance and, consequently, on distributions to Members and the value of our Interests. See “Conflicts of Interest”.
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