Our ability to make distributions to our Members is subject to fluctuations in our financial performance, operating results and capital improvement requirements.

Our Limited Liability Company Agreement requires that holders of our Class G or Class L Shares receive a cumulative, non-compound return on investment (the “Preferred Return”) prior to cash being distributed to other equity holders. However, we will be unable to make these distributions unless we generate sufficient net income. Because: (a) our ability to make this distribution is contingent on the Company generating net income and (b) the Company has not commenced operations, there is no guarantee that this or any distribution will ever occur. In the event of downturns in our operating results, unanticipated capital improvements to our properties, or other factors, we may be unable to declare or pay distributions to our Members. We intend to pay such distributions quarterly, but the timing and amount of distributions are the sole discretion of our Manager who will consider, among other factors, our financial performance, any debt service obligations, any debt covenants, our taxable income and capital expenditure requirements. We cannot assure you that we will generate sufficient cash in order to fund distributions.
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