The Internal Revenue Service may challenge our characterization of material tax aspects of your investment in the Interests.

An investment in Interests involves material income tax risks which are discussed in detail in the section of this offering entitled “TAX TREATMENT OF COMPANY” starting on page 48. You are urged to consult with your own tax advisor with respect to the federal, state, local and foreign tax considerations of an investment in our Interests. We may or may not seek any rulings from the Internal Revenue Service regarding any of the tax issues discussed herein. Accordingly, we cannot assure you that the tax conclusions discussed in this offering, if contested, would be sustained by the IRS or any court. In addition, our legal counsel is unable to form an opinion as to the probable outcome of the contest of certain material tax aspects of the transactions described in this offering, including whether we will be characterized as a “dealer” so that sales of our assets would give rise to ordinary income rather than capital gain and whether we are required to qualify as a tax shelter under the Internal Revenue Code. Our counsel also gives no opinion as to the tax considerations to you of tax issues that have an impact at the individual or partner level.
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