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Built to help military personnel invest like a real estate pro.

With Mission First, you can invest for as little as $5,000 into an industry standard-quality real estate deal. We combine experience and expertise to reduce fees and maximize your long-term return potential.

One of the most desired asset classes for professional and institutional investors has been Real estate1 — now we are making it available to active military and veteran families.


1Blackstone “Seeking an Alternative: Understanding and Allocating to Alternative Investments”. November 2018.

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Mission First Capital is the first of it’s kind – a Real Estate investment opportunity that allows veteran and active duty military non-accredited investors to invest into a Real Estate fund.

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Ready to start putting your mission first and investing in Real Estate?

Mission First Capital

Our Story is your Story.

Mission First Capital’s heart behind why we started is very simple; we wanted to provide the same type of investment opportunities we saw in the marketplace for our brothers and sisters.

Our principals have extensive experience in Real Estate and began to notice that there were not deals that most active military or veterans could actually invest in. Either you had to be an accredited investor ($200,000+ year income or $1mm in assets) or you had to invest a minimum of $50,000 just to get in the door.

Mission First Capital’s made it possible for anyone to invest and to invest as little as $5,000 at a time.

We are a team made up of veterans and active duty; and want to provide an opportunity for our brothers and sisters to invest in quality deals.

Our story is your story. Join us today.

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