Phil Capron

Founder and CEO

Phil Capron

Founder & CEO

Phil served honorably as a Naval Special Warfare Combatant Craft Crewman, where he spent his days jumping out of planes, shooting, and manning the radios on the small fast boats that take Navy SEALs and other Special Operations personnel to and from their missions in non-permissive or denied areas of the world.

During his time in service, Phil realized that real estate was something he had a passion for and could help others, so he committed to pursuing it further. He took a real estate license course while still in the Navy and upon separation in 2012, immediately went to work selling his military buddies' homes as they transferred to and from Virginia. In 2019, Phil penned his first book "Your VA Loan: and How It Can Make You a Millionaire" in an effort to educate more military members and veterans about real estate.

Following dozens of brokerage transactions and flipping dozens of properties, he decided to start buying larger properties to sustain. Phil has sponsored over 500 apartment units across 8 projects with great results. He realized that the early deals only allowed very wealthy people to participate, which always bothered him. Fortunately, Phil used that bias to fuel the first 100% veteran- owned and operated fund backed by real estate, Mission First Capital.

Phil prides himself on creatively finding win-win solutions for complex problems and credits his time in the military, along with his tenacious-no-quit attitude and commitment to teamwork. Phil regularly shares his knowledge on real estate podcasts and conferences.