A common idea of teamwork in the military is being applied to real estate, that is all a fund is. In a small team, maybe other servicemembers within your shop or command, get together to move a large heavy object from one place to another.  You use the mutual strength of the group to move something together that no one individual could do alone. As the saying goes, “teamwork makes the dream work” and a real estate fund is that same premise in action.

The real estate fund with Mission First Capital allows investors to pool their resources together to purchase large apartment buildings. Plain simple English. That is what we are doing. We are a veteran team helping other veterans and their families move large heavy objects, something we couldn’t do individually.  The money you invest with Mission First will go towards the mission first, helping veterans invest in real estate by purchasing cash flowing apartment complexes.  It is a simple business model, but powerful.  By helping veterans invest in real estate, we can then help more families have safe, affordable, quality housing.  Those residents can also be veteran and active-duty families too! It is a virtuous circle, veterans helping families that possibly could not help themselves.

A real estate fund is the official, legal way we can offer this ability to pool funds to military members and their families. 

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